Terms of Service:

These Terms are Subject to Change Without Notice.

I. Ownership of data:
  A. Each user owns his or her own data fully and completely. Contact databases will not be used for any purpose that is not pre-authorized by the user.
  B. agrees not to utilize or sell any customer's data for profit.
  C. staff will have access to the user's data only as necessary and will not view, manipulate, or utilize data without the express permission of the account owner, or persons authorized by the account owner to manage the account.
  D. is not responsible for any loss of data.
  E. Once an account with has been canceled by the user all data from the account will be immediately locked and cannot be retrieved.
  F. will not sell user information or data to third parties, or use the information provided to market other services to the users.
  G. Data can be retrieved from a cancelled account if the account is reactivated. The cost for this service is the same as 1 month.s membership fee.

II. Refunds:
  A. Refunds are issued on the first of every month. A refund request may be submitted in writing within ten (10) days of billing.
  B. Accounts that have been used multiple times since billing are not eligible for refund.

III. Payments:
  A. Each account will be billed automatically every thirty (30) calendar days.
  B. Payments must be by debit or credit card, absolutely no checks will be accepted.
  C. Invoices sent to the account holder's email are always for bills that have been deducted from the card on file. It is not the responsibility of to notify the account owner of any pending charges.
  D. Credit or debit card numbers can be added or changed within the Settings of an account, or through the secure billing page that appears at login if an account is past due. Support staff will not take credit card information over the phone.

IV. Past-Due Accounts:
  A. Any past-due account shall be locked and will remain locked until the account is paid in full. If the account holder chooses to cancel the account instead of paying the past -due amount, the data in the account shall be deleted and may not be retrieved from the account.
  B. Past Due Notices will be sent to the account holder each day until the day the account is paid or closed.
  C. If an account remains past due for more than fifteen (15) calendar days reserves the right to terminate the account for non-payment.
  D. reserves the right to attempt to re-bill any past due account until the billing is successful.
  E. In the case of a successful re-bill, will not refund the money because the account holder had adequate notice of the pending bill.
  F. Charges on past due accounts will continue to accrue each month.
  G. Campaigns on past due account will be cancelled. To restart the campaigns time appropriately there will be a fee of five dollars ($5).

V. Cancellations:
  A. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing through the web portal
  B. Any party failing to cancel the account by these means will continue to have an active account until this is done and shall continue to be responsible for all charges which may continue to accrue.
  C. Cancellations will be processed only on the day they are submitted. Cancellations sent after business hours will be processed on the following business day.
  D. Cancelled accounts will not be given pro-rated refunds.
  E. In the event as user wishes to cancel an account which is under a 1 year contract, the user agrees that the monetary value of the remaining months on the account must be paid in full before the account will be cancelled.

VI. Custom Media:
  A. Custom cards can be generated for a user, the cost is $50 per card
  B. Custom Logos are generated for PAID accounts only.

VII. Contact Imports
  A. will provide the free service of contact importing. Contact lists may be sent at any time; however they will only be uploaded Monday through Friday 6am-5pm.
  B. Contact lists will be done only in the order in which they are received.
  C. Contact lists will be imported within three (3) business days.
  D. Contact lists emailed in text or other formats may exceed the 3 business days.
  E. Contact imports will be reviewed for purchased lists. Sending Spam Email via purchased lists will result in account termination.

VIII. Refer A friend Program:
  A. The refer a friend program will issue a free month to the referring account only if the new account becomes a paid account.
  B. Should the new account cancel or receive a refund the referring account will not receive the 34.95 store credit.
  C. Refer a friend offer is only good at sign up and credit will not be issued after the fact.
  D. Credits for refer a friend will be issued 10 (ten) days after the referred account goes paid.
  E. The "refer a friend" offer falls under the category of promotional offers and cannot be combined with any other offer.

IX. Accounts:
  A. Only one promotional offer can be applied to any new account, and promotional offers are only available at sign up.
  B. reserves the right to send feature updates even to cancelled accounts until the user requests to be removed.
  C. If for whatever reason the account permissions on fails, is not responsible for members on any account stealing information or client leads from other members on the account.
  D. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  E. Any charge backs against a billing to an account will result in the immediate cancellation of that account.
  F. W reserve the right to discontinue, terminate, or update billing plans and their corresponding pricing at any time, without notice to members currently active on those billing plans. As a courtesy to our subscribers, we will notify users subscribed to specific billing plans of any pending changes; however, we are not in any way obligated to do so.

X. Direct Mail
  A. will provide a real time proof of all direct mailings before mailing is sent. Any typos on these mailings are not the responsibility of to catch, correct, or stop.
  B. Orders cannot be canceled once they have printed and or billed.
  C. is not liable for any mistakes made on a direct mailing that may cause the user to be liable to a third-party for damages or otherwise.
  D. is not responsible for proof reading any direct mailing a user sends.
  E. Direct mail orders are not eligible for refund.
  F. is not responsible for any mail damaged, misplaced, or delayed by the post office.
  G. It is up to the individual user to ensure that state laws are abided by in regards to direct mail material.
  H. is not responsible for mail being "Returned to Sender".

XI. Agreement to attend arbitration
  A. Any dispute between the parties arising under or relating to these Terms of Service shall be submitted to expedited arbitration before a single arbitrator pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Judgment may be entered upon the arbitral award in any court of competent jurisdiction.

XII. Email Marketing
  A. is not responsible for any mistakes on email marketing, nor is responsible for ensuring delivery after sending.
  B. assumes no liability for email materials sent, nor for the content contained in email materials.

XIII. Data Storage
  A. will provide data and document storage for listings and contacts free of charge up to 1GB (One Gigabyte) of storage space.
  B. After 1 gigabyte of storage space has been used, a fee of $5 (five dollars) per month will be added to the cost of the monthly membership fee for every gigabyte thereafter.
  C. This $5 (five dollar) per GB fee for additional storage space used is non-refundable.

XIV. 2011 Summer event
  A. By taking advantage of our 24.95 pricing you are agreeing to a 1 year contract with our company.
  B. Existing members are immediately locked in to the 1 year paid up front contract upon account conversion.
  C. New Members are given a trial period during which they can cancel their account. After the trial period the contract is considered active.
  D. By accepting this contact you agree to:
     1. Pay the full year's cost
     2. Have deduct from the provided credit or debit card account at the end of your trial period, to reoccur every 30 days for monthly plans,
     or every 365 days for the yearly plans.
     3. The monthly and/or yearly charges on this contract are non-refundable charges
     4. Accounts found to be using the email system to send out spam materials will be cancelled, and the remainder
     of the year's contract charged up front.
  E. Signing up or converting to the promotional pricing is available through Septeber 30th 2011. After that no additional sign ups or conversions will be accepted.

XV: Spam Policy
  A. has a Zero Tolerance policy for Spam. Accounts found sending excessive email campaigns to purchased lists, or sending obviously spam emails will be terminated immediately and without prior notice.
  B. Accounts with suspicious contact databases will be reviewed to check for spamming practices.